Critics have accused Kim Kardashian of “excessively photoshopping” her latest makeup-free pictures

Fans have accused Kim Kardashian, the 42-year-old reality star, of using Photoshop on her latest makeup-free pictures, claiming that she looks “wild beyond comprehension.” On her Instagram Stories, Kardashian shared close-up shots of her face to promote her skincare line SKKN, showcasing her natural complexion.

Despite the claim that the pictures were completely natural, some individuals expressed skepticism and took to social media to comment on how heavily edited the photos appeared.

“Nothing natural there,” one person wrote on Reddit.

Another said: “Wow. quality skin care companies wouldn’t post this overly edited & heavily made up photo to advertise their products! what a skam. she looks like a different person.”


“This is WILD beyond comprehension,” a third fan wrote, while another joked: “Her skincare routine is facetune.”


Another person agreed, writing: “SKKN should’ve been a face editing app instead of skin products. That would’ve made this photo more cohesive with the messaging.”


Kim has faced accusations of editing her photos before sharing them on social media in the past as well.

Kim Kardashian, who stars in “Keeping Up With The Kardashians,” has been accused of editing her figure in photos by fans. In one instance, she was criticized for apparently adding a third thigh to a photo of her modeling SKIMS bikinis.


Many observers believed that Kim had attempted to manipulate the image to create a thigh gap but had not succeeded. Kim shared a series of striking photos in which she displayed new bra and underwear sets from her popular clothing brand. In one photo, she wore a small brown triangle bra with matching bottoms, revealing her incredibly toned physique.

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