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Hadi Sirika accuses legislator of bribery

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 Hadi Sirika accuses legislator of bribery

Hadi Sirika, former Aviation Minister

Hadi Sirika accuses legislator of bribery. The aviation industry in Nigeria has sparked controversy recently with the launch of the national carrier, Nigeria Air. Some lawmakers brand it a fraud, but the former Aviation Minister, Hadi Sirika, defends the airline’s launch. Sirika accuses a lawmaker of demanding 5% shares in the national carrier, viewing it as bribery. This accusation adds a new twist to the ongoing debate about Nigeria Air‘s viability and motives behind its launch.

During an interview with Dr. Reuben Abati on ARISE TV, Sirika reveals that the lawmaker, Nnolim Nnaji, approached him, requesting 5% shares for himself and his people. Sirika explains that a bidding process has taken place and advises Nnaji to approach the winners for the shares.

Sirika criticizes Nnaji and the House Committee on Aviation for conducting a “predetermined hearing” on the Nigeria Air project. He expresses his knowledge of the National Assembly’s workings and disapproves of Nnaji’s immediate reading of the riot act during the public hearing.

As Sirika’s allegations create controversy, many eagerly await Nnaji’s response. Despite mounting pressure, Nnaji remains tight-lipped, leaving others to wonder about his next move. Speculation about potential implications continues while awaiting his response.

The Nigeria Air project has been plagued by controversy since its inception in 2018. The federal government aimed to build a national carrier with a $3.7 billion government and private investor investment. However, the project faced delays due to doubts about the government’s ability to manage the airline and a lack of a clear business model.

The impact of Sirika’s accusations on the Nigeria Air project remains uncertain. Nevertheless, these claims raise concerns about the government’s handling of the project and the national carrier’s sustainability.


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