2023 election: ‘I’m in serious debt, no longer mentally stable,’ LP Candidate

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By Akinsuroju Olubunmi

2023 election: ‘I’m in serious debt, no longer mentally stable,’ LP House of representative candidate in Delta state


Human Rights Advocate Harrison Gwamnishu who also contested as one of the house of representatives members under LP faces financial crisis, temporarily steps down from leadership roles

Founder of Behind Bar Group, Harrison Gwamnishu, Opens up about Personal Struggles

In a heartfelt Facebook post, renowned human rights advocate Harrison Gwamnishu, the driving force behind Behind Bar Group in Delta, expressed gratitude for the support he has received over the years. However, he revealed that he finds himself in a serious financial crisis and is currently grappling with mental health challenges, which have influenced his recent social media updates.

Gwamnishu clarified that he did not engage in any fraudulent activities; rather, his business ventures took an unfortunate turn, leading to the accumulation of debt. He disclosed that some friends extended loans to him during his election campaign, which he has been struggling to repay. To address this situation, he has taken the drastic step of selling his gifted car and parting with some of his property.

The stress of his financial woes has taken a toll on Gwamnishu, resulting in sleepless nights and strained relationships. He also shared the distressing news that his father is deeply affected by the ordeal, as some creditors resorted to threatening his parents.

While Gwamnishu remains steadfast in his dedication to humanity, he emphasized that he is not immune to personal struggles and apologized to those who may be disappointed. He affirmed his commitment to rectify the situation and expressed hope for a swift resolution.

In a courageous move, Gwamnishu announced his temporary resignation from his leadership position within the human rights organization he founded. This decision reflects his determination to focus on resolving his financial predicament before resuming his advocacy work.

The Celebrity Telegraph extends its support to Harrison Gwamnishu during this challenging time and commends his transparency in addressing his personal struggles. We join his supporters in hoping for a speedy resolution to his difficulties and look forward to his return to the forefront of human rights advocacy.

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