Newly wedded couple kidnapped in Kaduna

Newly wedded couple kidnapped in Kaduna

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Newly wedded couple kidnapped in Kaduna


Newly wedded couple kidnapped in Kaduna . On Tuesday, robbers stormed the Dan-Honu community in Kaduna State’s Millennium City, Chikun Local Government Area, and kidnapped a newlywed couple, a Muslim leader, and hundreds of others.

It was reported that a big number of hoodlums dressed in dark clothes and holding AK47 weapons rushed the area about 9 p.m.

A source who is also a resident of the area told our correspondent that the bandits took away no fewer than eight residents of the community including the couple, the Imam and others.

However, the source added that the Imam and one other escaped while they were being led out of the community into the bush.

“The bandits suspected of kidnapping came on Tuesday night, attacked Dan-Honu II community in New Millennium City, Chikun Local Government Area of Kaduna State, and kidnapped eight people,” he stated.

“Among those kidnapped were a newly married couple, the Imam of the community mosque, his wife, and three children, including a 10-month-old baby.”

“The bandits who stormed the community around 8:50pm numbering about 10, with AK47 rifles and other weapons, were in black, with one of them masked.

“We escaped being abducted. The bandits started by picking the Imam and his family who they met outside the community Juma’at Mosque before proceeding to other houses where they abducted the newly-wedded.

“I was inside my apartment when the bandits stormed our compound. At first, when they started banging the new couple’s door, because they went to their apartment straight, I thought they were security people who came to arrest my neighbour.”

“They started banging on his door and shouting ‘Dan Iska ba za ka fito ba?’ which means ‘idiot, will you not come out?'” he added. That’s when I realized they were abductors. When they were unable to force the door in, they broke his window and destroyed the burglary evidence.

“When the robbers gained entry into the apartment, they attempted to open the door but were unable to do so. As a result, they dragged the pair out through the smashed window. The spouse had been injured, and blood was streaming from his body.

“They also tried to break into my apartment. They broke the glass pane, but while they were attempting to break into my flat via the burglary proof, one of the community’s vigilantes fired a shot into the air. The bandits got uneasy after hearing the gunfire and departed our compound.

“The bandits also abandoned the new bride in the bush when she couldn’t keep up with the pace of the movement.” When her baby’s cry almost exposed the bandits to vigilantes in the Kakura area, the Imam’s wife was liberated.

“The bandits were able to accompany the new groom and the Imam’s two children.”They were yet to make touch with the family.”

Meanwhile, the Imam, who fled from the robbers, told reporters that two of the seven gunmen who attacked the village were armed with AK47 rifles with bullet chains.

“They beat the 10-month-old baby for crying.” They even threatened to kill him because his cries were causing them distress. But, bless Almighty Allah, my wife and infant escaped when I escaped, but the bandits took my two sons,” he claimed.

While confirming the incidence, ASP Mansir Hassan of the Kaduna State Police Command told our correspondent over the phone that command operatives resisted the bandits and rescued the victims.

“What we know was that as they entered, police repelled the attackers and rescued those that were kidnapped,” he went on to say.

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