Mohbad's cousin denies breaking his neck

Mohbad’s cousin denies breaking his neck

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Mohbad's cousin denies breaking his neck

 Mohbad, Ilerioluwa Aloba

Mohbad’s cousin denies breaking his neck. Darosha Losobeh, the late artiste’s cousin and personal assistant, Ilerioluwa Aloba, also known as Mohbad, has spoken out about the viral footage of the singer’s coffin supposedly indicating he had a fractured neck.

According to the PUNCH, the ex-Marlian record signee died on September 12 at the age of 27. His death has sparked controversy, with many Nigerians demanding justice for his untimely death, leading to the arrest of his former employer, Azeez Fashola, alias Naira Marley, and Samson Balogun, aka Sam Larry.

The two men who were detained for allegedly bullying the late singer have been released.

Primeboy, Mohbad’s companion, and the nurse who reportedly injected the late singer remain in police detention because they were branded prime suspects.

On Saturday, Darosha responded to rumors of a broken neck from netizens on his Instagram story, declaring that he was not the one who broke the late artiste’s neck and pleading with people selling the information to stop since it was damaging his mental health.

“I’m so depressed that I had to write this up to clear this whole damn story about me going online that I bend my love’s neck; this is the craziest and saddest thing that has ever happened to me in my entire life,” he added. I really wounded myself when I shattered my brother’s neck.


“What happened with the neck was that when we arrived in Ikorodu, we were told that there was no space to keep his body at the mortuary, and we didn’t want him buried that night, so a worker there advised the family to pay for an ambulance and a coffin where we could keep him until morning, and the same ambulance would drive him down to the place of burial.”

“The entire family agreed to the idea because the ambulance that took us to Ikorodu was complaining about having to leave the island the same night.” It was only his mother who was not present that midnight.”

Continuing, the late singer’s cousin stated that the only issue that drew him into the picture was that he paid for the arranging of the coffin and ambulance, and that he had no idea that the coffin was too small to hold his (Mohbad’s) entire body.

“Everyone in the family saw his body in the ambulance before leaving for the cemetery in the morning, and no one complained about his head or anything.” I didn’t approach the ambulance because I was in shock, so I was unaware of his neck until I saw it online, which grieved me.

“The N1 million I sent to his father is not for him to spend because it was instructed that we should use the money to do the burial arrangements, but unfortunately, the place we buried him is not pleasant to me and is not secure, so I told his father to use the money to erect a fence for his safety.” The entire team and family can attest to this since I have every proof, and when we returned home, I sent the rest of the money to his brother.

“I was the first person to go to Panti and write a statement and request questioning.” You can ask more about me at Panti station rather than coming online to express what you don’t know; yes, I realize it’s all for content, but God in heaven will judge you, damaging my image despite everything I’m going through.

“As for the salt, when my father died, a salt was placed on his chest until we arrived, and I was told it was local embalming to keep him fresh until the rest of the family arrived, and I did the same thing because a lot of people were still coming to see him before we left for Ikorodu that night.”

“Lastly, Mohbad has a lawyer who controls all of his properties and music catalogues, and he has a contract with ONErpm, so all of these things are controlled by them, and his car is parked in front of his house at Orchid.”

“I can’t drive his car because I have mine. If we really want justice, let the government work, and let’s wait for autopsy. Stop bashing his loved ones. Abi una wants us to go depressed too #justiceformohbad,” he added.

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