Atiku urges oneness, celebrates with Christians

Atiku urges oneness, celebrates with Christians

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Atiku urges oneness, celebrates with Christians

Atiku Abubakar

Atiku urges oneness, celebrates with Christians. Atiku Abubakar, the Peoples Democratic Party’s 2023 Presidential contender and former Vice President, wished Nigerians a Merry Christmas.

In a statement issued by his Media Office in Abuja on Sunday, Atiku asked Nigerians to embrace peace and unity at this time, and to love one another for the sake of the country’s progress.

“I congratulate all Nigerians, particularly the Christian faithful, on the birth anniversary of Jesus Christ,” it said in part.

“Christmas is a season of love.” As a result, I urge all Nigerians to embrace the spirit of the season and band together for the greater welfare of our beloved country.

“Christmas is the season of love, joy, generosity and forgiveness and while we celebrate with family and friends, we should also spend time to pray for a more peaceful and prosperous nation as it is important for Nigerians to inject the healing and unifying serum of love for our neighbours into the nation’s consciousness, this Yuletide.”

Atiku also urged Nigerians to utilize this opportunity to renew their commitment to the principles of “faith in God, love for one another, and making these virtues more evident and practical in their daily living.”

The former Vice President urged Nigerians not to give up praying to God for the restoration of peace, overall growth, and progress in our country.

“As we celebrate, we should continue to extend hands of love and fellowship to our neighbours and live as one big family, irrespective of our social, political and religious leanings and continue to trust God for a better tomorrow and a greater country,” he said in a statement.

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