Obi tells FG to leave state internal affair matters

Obi tells FG to leave state internal affair matters

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Obi tells FG to leave state internal affair matters

Peter Obi

Obi tells FG to leave state internal affair matters. Peter Obi, the Labour Party’s presidential candidate in the February 25 election, has advised the Federal Government to refrain from engaging in the internal affairs of states, particularly when national security is not threatened.

Obi, who issued the charge in his New Year’s address for 2024 on Sunday, stated that Nigerian politics must not be left in the hands of transactional politicians.

The news comes only days after some Rivers State elders criticized Tinubu’s role in the political squabble between the Federal Capital Territory Minister, Nyesom Wike, and the state Governor, Sim Fubara.

The elders also concluded that the presidential resolution on the state’s political issue was imbalanced and unworkable since it violated the rule of law.

The elders, led by former Rivers State Governor Rufus Ada-George, also criticized the state governor’s Christmas Day broadcast, claiming that the declaration, in his opinion, is a death sentence.

Obi stated that the constitutional rights of the three branches of government must be respected.

The former governor of Anambra State also encouraged Nigerians to oppose any attempt to transform the country into a one-party state.

“If there is one fundamental threat to our democracy, it is the undermining and weakening of our national institutions, as well as the capture of state affairs and resources by a small number of individuals and private interests,” he stated. This must cease in order for Nigeria to progress and function as an inclusive and sustainable society and nation.

“In a democratic and secular country like ours, the separation of powers between the three independent arms of government, as well as between the federating units, must be fully respected.”

“For instance, the National Assembly should devote time and commit themselves to diligent performance of their functions like the 2024 budget that requires their prudent examination and subsequent patriotic-oriented approval or rejection.”

“We must work assiduously to avoid drifting to a one-party state, or a situation in which the Federal Government intervenes unduly in the internal affairs of the states, especially when national security is not threatened,” Obi added.

“We, in the Labour Party, have undertaken to remain firmly in opposition in the national interest and in our undying commitment to a New Nigeria that is possible, and as such, we must remain focused going forward.” Our joint role in nation-building is critical and required.”

The LP candidates used the New Year’s message to thank Nigerians, the Obidient Movement, and their supporters for their dedication to true democracy.


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