Tacha: Don’t date only one man- Tacha advised

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Tacha advised women to date many men

Tacha, BB Naija Star

Former Big Brother Naija star, Anita Natacha Akide, popularly known as Tacha, has offered advice to women, suggesting that dating multiple men simultaneously increases the probability of receiving a marriage proposal.

In a video shared on her X account on Wednesday, Tacha expressed her perspective, stating, “If you want that ring sis, date at least three guys. If Martins doesn’t pop the question, Easy would, and if Easy does not ask the question, Femi would.”

Tacha emphasized the importance of women not letting themselves down and asserted that public opinion about them should not be a primary concern.

Furthermore, the reality TV star encouraged women to be proactive in their relationships, including asking their male partners for financial support. Tacha suggested that refraining from requesting money from male partners doesn’t necessarily make one a ‘good girl.’

Tacha’s advice has sparked discussions on social media, with varied opinions on the approach to dating and relationships. Her candid views on the subject reflect a modern perspective on gender dynamics and relationships in today’s society.

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