Backyard Farming: A solution to food insecurity

Backyard Farming: A solution to food insecurity

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By Akinsuroju Olubunmi

Backyard Farming: A solution to food insecurity.

Backyard Farming: A solution to food insecurity

The Kwara State Commissioner for Agriculture and Rural Development, Mrs. Oloruntoyosi Thomas, has advocated for the adoption of backyard farming as a practical solution to address food insecurity and rising food costs in the country. Speaking in Ilorin, the state capital, Mrs. Thomas emphasized the importance of utilizing small spaces in homes to cultivate vegetables and other crops, aiming to supplement household nutrition with a diverse range of plants.


Mrs. Thomas highlighted the strategic plans implemented by the Kwara State Government to encourage and support residents in starting their own gardens. The government has initiated a backyard farming program, providing training and seeds to 50 households in each of the sixteen local governments, with the goal of eventually including every household.


The commissioner underscored the potential of backyard farming to significantly enhance food security and serve as an alternative approach to addressing the escalating prices of food in the market. She emphasized that this farming practice not only ensures a healthier and richer food supply but also contributes to a safer environment.


According to Mrs. Thomas, feedback from previously trained households has been overwhelmingly positive, reinforcing the importance of taking immediate action to mitigate the impact of food shortages and hunger. She also stressed that backyard farming is a strategic intervention that addresses both immediate and future food needs, aligning with the broader goals of the Kwara State Government to promote agricultural development and rural empowerment.


In conclusion, Mrs. Thomas reiterated the significance of backyard farming as a tool for improving food security and reducing hunger, expressing confidence in its lasting positive impact on communities.


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