Foundation calls out UN's gender bias against Men

Foundation calls out UN’s gender bias against Men

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By Akinsuroju Olubunmi

Foundation calls out UN’s gender bias against Men.

Foundation calls out UN's gender bias against Men

A Non-Governmental Organisation, the Life After Abuse Foundation, has criticized the United Nations for its systemic gender bias against men and has urged it to promote gender equality and recognition for men more actively. The foundation’s Founder and President, Ms. Halima Layeni, highlighted this issue in a statement on Sunday in Lagos, pointing out the UN’s lack of acknowledgment of Father’s Day and the contributions of men to society.


Father’s Day, celebrated globally to honor fathers and father figures, falls on different dates worldwide, with many countries observing it on the third Sunday in June. Layeni accused the UN of hypocrisy in its commitment to gender equality by ignoring the unseen sacrifices of fathers, husbands, and sons. She argued that the UN’s silence perpetuates a harmful narrative that men are not worthy of recognition or celebration, which negatively impacts families, communities, and society.


Layeni criticized the UN for celebrating numerous days dedicated to women, such as International Women’s Day, International Day of the Girl Child, and Women’s History Month, while neglecting to recognize men. This omission, she said, reinforces harmful gender stereotypes and disregards the unique challenges men face, including higher rates of suicide, homelessness, and incarceration.


Demanding accountability from the UN, Layeni called for the organization to acknowledge the importance of celebrating men and their contributions. She expressed hope that the UN would respond and take action to address this issue, warning that failure to do so would perpetuate a world where men are marginalized and families suffer, undermining the UN’s credibility and legitimacy in championing gender equality.


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Foundation calls out UN’s gender bias against Men

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