Blind DJ's inspirational journey

Blind DJ’s inspirational journey

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By Akinsuroju Olubunmi

Blind DJ’s inspirational journey.

Blind DJ's inspirational journey

Augustine Akpeji, a 26-year-old popular Nigerian DJ who has been blind since the age of four months, shared his inspiring story during an interview with reporters. He recounted how cancer affected his eyes early in life, leading to blindness, yet he pursued his passion for music and became a DJ.


Akpeji spoke at a seminar on glaucoma awareness titled “Unlocking The Mysteries of Glaucoma-All You need to know,” held at St. Felix Heights, Eleta Eye Institute, Academy, Olomi in Ibadan. Despite his visual impairment, he emphasized his active participation in music and social media, highlighting that being blind did not hinder him from engaging in everyday activities.


“I became blind at four months old due to cancer in my eyes. However, this hasn’t stopped me from pursuing my passion for music. I play musical instruments, sing, and DJ. I have been in the music industry for 25 years, despite being only 26,” Akpeji said.


He also addressed his use of social media, noting, “I chat on WhatsApp just like everyone else, even though I cannot see anything. Being blind hasn’t limited my ability to communicate and connect.”


Dr. Gboyega Ajayi, Chairman of Eleta Eye Foundation, expressed concern over the prevalence of glaucoma in Nigeria and stressed the importance of early detection and treatment to prevent irreversible blindness. He recounted cases where individuals had unknowingly reached advanced stages of the condition, leading to severe vision loss.


Professor Affiong Ibanga, a specialist in Glaucoma Care and Research, urged Nigerians, especially those over 40, to undergo regular medical checks to detect glaucoma early. She emphasized the need for proper medical treatment and cautioned against self-medication and unqualified eye treatments.


Glaucoma is a significant issue in Nigeria, affecting a large portion of the population. Early diagnosis and appropriate treatment are crucial to prevent blindness,” Ibanga said.

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Blind DJ’s inspirational journey

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