Flood Woes: Naval checkpoints extort Anambra drivers

Flood Woes: Naval checkpoints extort Anambra drivers

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By Akinsuroju Olubunmi

Flood Woes: Naval checkpoints extort Anambra drivers.

Flood Woes: Naval checkpoints extort Anambra drivers


Anambra State faced severe flooding on Wednesday following a heavy downpour that began around 2pm, impacting various communities, including Neni in the Anaocha Local Government Area. The floodwaters inundated roads and homes, causing significant inconvenience to residents and commuters alike.


The roads in Neni became nearly impassable, resulting in gridlock and frustration for travelers. Residents were seen trying to clear water from their homes, attributing the flooding to poor drainage systems. Uchenna Orji, a resident, lamented, “This is the first time we are experiencing such flooding here. My electronics and other belongings are soaked.”


The heavy rainfall also disrupted traffic in Onitsha, the commercial hub of the state. The Onitsha-Owerri Road, particularly from Upper Iweka to Enamel, saw severe congestion. The situation was exacerbated by naval officers who set up a checkpoint at Enamel, using it as an opportunity to extort money from drivers.


Motorists reported that the naval ratings were demanding sums ranging from N100 from tricycle operators to N1,000 from lorry drivers. They blocked one lane of the road, forcing vehicles to navigate a narrow passage and worsening the gridlock. Some drivers who refused to pay or follow instructions were subjected to physical punishment.


Ifeoma Okeke, a road user, expressed her frustration: “This road is vital for us in the South-East, and the naval officers are making it unbearable with their extortion and blockade.”


In Awka, the Awka-Enugu Expressway saw slow-moving traffic due to the floods. Residents blamed the blocked drainage systems for the flooding issues.


Flooding, Extortion.

Flood Woes: Naval checkpoints extort Anambra drivers

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