Deaths strike: Universities in North Grieve over losses

Deaths strike: Universities in North Grieve over losses

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By Akinsuroju Olubunmi,

Deaths strike: Universities in North Grieve over losses

Deaths strike: Universities in North Grieve over losses

The University of Maiduguri in Borno State mourns the loss of a fourth professor within two months. Similarly, two lecturers from Federal University, Dutsinma in Katsina State, and Usman Danfodio University in Sokoto, have been killed under mysterious circumstances.


The tragic death of Dr. Tiri Gyan David from Federal University, Dutsinma is suspected to be the result of an attack by terrorists who stormed his home early Tuesday morning. Professor Yusuf Saidu, Deputy Vice Chancellor of Research, Innovation, and Development, was believed to have been killed while traveling on the Sokoto-Zamfara-Kaduna highway last Monday.


In April, the University of Maiduguri had already lost Professor Abdulkadir Kamar from the Department of Physical and Health Education, who was found dead in his room, and Professor Aliyu Mani from the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, who died in an explosion. In May, Professor Mustapha Kokari from the Department of Biological Sciences died after a brief illness.


On Tuesday, Borno State Police Commissioner Yusuf Lawal confirmed the death of Professor Ruth Wazis from the Department of Business Management under strange circumstances. Lawal reported that Professor Wazis died in a tragic accident when her car unexpectedly accelerated in her garage, causing severe injuries that led to her death before reaching the hospital.


An anonymous professor from the university expressed that the institution is waiting for the family’s briefing on her burial before making an official statement.


In 2017, three lecturers from the University of Maiduguri were killed during an attack on oil workers in Borno State, namely Dr. Joseph Militus, Dr. Manaja Uba, and Dr. Idris Njodi.


A source from Federal University, Dutsinma, reported that terrorists invaded Dr. David’s residence at about 1:30 am, abducting his two children. The Katsina Police Command Spokesman, ASP Abubakar Sadiq, confirmed the incident and promised a detailed statement soon.


Dutsinma Local Government, among the ten frontline security councils, suffers frequent terrorist attacks despite state and security efforts.


In a statement, Usman Danfodio University’s Public Relations Officer, Ismaila Muhammad Yauri, reported that Deputy Vice Chancellor Professor Saidu was on an official trip to Kaduna when he was killed by bandits. The university expressed profound sorrow, highlighting his contributions to research and innovation.


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Deaths strike: Universities in North Grieve over losses

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