China urges Russia-Ukraine dialogue

China urges Russia-Ukraine dialogue

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By Akinsuroju Olubunmi

China urges Russia-Ukraine dialogue

China urges Russia-Ukraine dialogue

On Monday, Chinese President Xi Jinping urged Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban to encourage global powers to facilitate direct negotiations between Russia and Ukraine during Orban’s visit to Beijing, labeled a “peace mission” by the European leader.


Orban’s trip coincides with the upcoming NATO summit, where the Ukraine conflict will be a key focus. His visit follows recent trips to both Russia and Ukraine.


Orban, calling his visit to Beijing “Peace Mission 3.0,” was quoted by Chinese state broadcaster CCTV, with Xi emphasizing that the international community should support the resumption of direct talks between Russia and Ukraine. Xi stated, “Only when all major powers exert positive energy can the dawn of a ceasefire in this conflict appear as soon as possible.”


Xi stressed the importance of ceasing fire and pursuing a political solution promptly, adhering to principles that prevent the conflict from escalating and cooling down the situation swiftly.


After their discussions, Orban posted on social media platform X, highlighting China’s crucial role in fostering peace in the Russia-Ukraine war, underscoring the significance of his meeting with Xi in Beijing.


Orban, known for his friendly stance towards Moscow, recently discussed the Ukraine conflict with President Vladimir Putin, a move criticized by both Kyiv and the EU. Putin insisted that Ukraine must withdraw its troops from annexed regions for peace to be achieved.


Hungary, which assumed the EU’s rotating presidency in July, saw its foreign policy chief, Josep Borrell, clarifying that Orban’s visit to Russia was a bilateral affair without any EU Council mandate.


China and Russia’s strategic partnership has strengthened since the Ukraine invasion, with China presenting itself as a neutral party, despite providing significant economic support to Russia.


Orban’s visit to China was met with a warm welcome from Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying at the airport. Orban has promoted an “Eastern opening” policy, fostering closer economic ties with China, Russia, and other Asian countries. Hungary has seen significant Chinese investments, particularly in battery and electric vehicle manufacturing, with projects worth approximately 15 billion euros ($16 billion).


Orban’s approach aligns with his foreign policy since returning to power in 2010. Notably, he was the sole EU leader attending Xi’s Belt and Road initiative summit in Beijing last October.


China Urges Russia-Ukraine Dialogue

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