NDDC Budget review: Key projects and goals

NDDC Budget review: Key projects and goals

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By Akinsuroju Olubunmi

NDDC Budget review: Key projects and goals

NDDC Budget review: Key projects and goals

On Tuesday, the House of Representatives began evaluating the Nigeria Delta Development Commission’s (NDDC) proposed budget of N1.911 trillion for 2024. Samuel Ogbuku, the Managing Director of NDDC, outlined the commission’s financial strategy for the coming year, which includes significant borrowing and federal contributions.


Ogbuku revealed that the NDDC plans to secure N1 trillion from both commercial and development banks to fund major legacy projects. Additionally, the commission expects to receive N170 billion in arrears from the federal government, a statutory contribution of N324.8 billion, an ecological fund of N25 billion, and N375 billion from oil companies. The remaining N1 billion will come from the commission’s own revenue generation efforts.


Ogbuku emphasized that the budget is designed to support critical infrastructure investments and introduce a public-private partnership model aimed at sustainable development in the Niger Delta region. One of the key initiatives, “Operation Light Up the Niger Delta,” has already brought solar-powered street lighting to several communities, enhancing local economic activities.


In the health sector, the NDDC’s free medical missions have provided services to over two million people, and the commission has awarded scholarships to 750 students and educational grants to 84 individuals. They are also distributing 45,000 Ulesson tablets loaded with Nigerian and WAEC syllabi across nine states in the Niger Delta.


Addressing the issue of frequent flooding, Ogbuku announced the construction of a Multipurpose Emergency Shelter to accommodate up to 1,000 people during emergencies. The facility will include essential services such as a school, hospital, cafeteria, and police post.


Ogbuku also highlighted the NDDC’s efforts to clear waterways and manage flood risks as part of their commitment to improving emergency responses and resilience in the region. The commission’s 2023 budget had a total revenue target of N876 billion, with an actual revenue inflow of N683.2 billion by April 30, 2024.


Hon. Erhiatake Ibori-Suenu, Chairman of the House Committee, assured that the budget will be carefully reviewed, noting that the NDDC’s efforts have significantly advanced development in the Niger Delta.


NDDC Budget Review: Key Projects and Goals

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