Driver indicted in Brownsville after eight migrants are killed in Texas

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Mr Alvarez’s SUV struck at least 18 individuals, killing eight of them. Image source: REUTERS

Manslaughter charges have been brought against the driver of the car that struck a gathering of pedestrians in Brownsville, Texas, killing eight people.

The driver of the vehicle involved in the incident has been recognized by the police as 34-year-old Brownsville resident George Alvarez, who has a significant criminal history.

Since investigators are still trying to pinpoint the cause, it is still unknown if the incident was an accident or something that was done on purpose.

Twelve persons were hurt in the collision, several of them were in serious condition. The incident happened close to a homeless and immigrant shelter in Brownsville, Texas, which is close to the border with Mexico.

The 18 passengers were waiting at a nearby bus stop when Mr. Alvarez ran a red light, according to Brownsville Police Chief Felix Sauceda, who revealed this at a news conference on Monday.

After the crash, Mr. Alvarez reportedly attempted to flee the scene, but bystanders managed to restrain and hold him down until the authorities arrived.

In addition to facing eight counts of manslaughter, Mr. Alvarez is now also facing ten charges of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

During a news conference, Chief Saucedo revealed that “several” of the victims were identified as Venezuelan nationals.

The local authorities have been collaborating with Venezuelan officials to provide assistance and aid to the victims and their families.

The Brownsville police department has disclosed that Mr. Alvarez has an extensive criminal record, which includes nine assault charges against family members, public servants, and vulnerable individuals such as the elderly and disabled.

He has also faced charges related to drunk driving, drug possession, burglary, and evading arrest, among other offenses.

Mr. Alvarez is currently being jailed on a $3.6 million (£2.85 million) bond after allegedly being uncooperative with the authorities.

According to Chief Saucedo, there is no proof to back up assertions that Mr. Alvarez had made anti-immigrant remarks prior to the event.

However, the notion that the collision was purposeful has not been completely disproven by investigators.

The police are awaiting the findings of a formal toxicology analysis to ascertain whether Mr. Alvarez was under the influence of drugs or alcohol at the time of the event.

Apparently, Mr. Alvarez was restrained by police officers as they led him to a waiting vehicle in a video . Mr. Alvarez is seen in the video.

The incident took place as the number of illegal immigrants entering Brownsville and other border towns in the US and Mexico increased significantly at the time.

Local authorities in the area declared a catastrophe in the area in April as a result of this surge, just as Title 42, a Covid-era provision that permitted the US to immediately expel undocumented migrants, was about to expire.

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