Gaza’s missile commander is killed by an Israeli air strike

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“A very frightening day for Israelis and Palestinians”. Image source: GETTY IMAGES

In a pre-dawn airstrike on a Gaza flat, Israel murdered the leader of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad’s (PIJ) rocket-launching squad.

The commander and two other PIJ fighters were reportedly killed in the recent hit, which reportedly took place on the fifth story of a building close to Khan Younis in the southern part of the enclave.

In retaliation for the more than 500 missiles fired by Gaza terrorists on Wednesday, the Israeli force hit more than 130 militant targets in Gaza.

The most notable increase in violence over the past nine months can be seen in this violent confrontation.

The Palestinian Ministry of Health in Gaza has recorded a total of 25 fatalities since Israel began its assault against PIJ on Tuesday morning.

At least ten civilians and three more commanders connected to the PIJ are among the victims.

The Israeli military claims that four people, including three children, were killed in Gaza as a result of rockets that missed their target.

These assertions, however, have not been backed up by Palestinian sources.

Israel, in contrast, has not recorded any fatalities despite some rockets hitting homes and other structures.

Most rockets were either intercepted by Israeli defense systems or fell in open spaces.

The chief of its missile section, Ali Hassan Ghali, also known as Abu Muhammad, was killed, according to the armed branch of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ), the second-largest terrorist organization in Gaza after Hamas.

He was killed in the attack on Thursday morning.

Alongside Hamas, the PIJ has launched multiple missile assaults against Israel in recent years.

The Israeli military has publicly confirmed that it particularly targeted Ali Hassan Ghali and two other people who were referred to as “Islamic Jihad operatives in Gaza.

” They described Ghali as a major player in PIJ who was instrumental in planning the most recent round of rocket attacks against Israel.

The commander and two other militants were killed when Israel struck a fifth-floor flat. Image source: REUTERS

On Wednesday night, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned that Israel’s military campaign was still ongoing.

He highlighted that the organization had suffered a serious blow as a result of the murders of the three PIJ commanders on Tuesday, describing it as the biggest setback they had ever experienced.

According to reports, Egypt is actively involved in efforts to mediate a ceasefire between the parties involved in the fighting.

Since the three days of confrontations between Israel and PIJ in August of the previous year, the airstrikes this week represent the bloodiest uptick in violence.

In Gaza, 49 Palestinians perished at that time.

When PIJ and other factions launched over 100 rockets into Israel over the course of two days last week, there was a substantial escalation. This uptick came after a Palestinian prisoner who was on a hunger strike in Israel passed away.

The Israeli military launched airstrikes on targets it believed were linked to Hamas in retaliation to the missile assaults.

Due to Israeli arrest raids, tensions were still high in the occupied West Bank on Wednesday. Three Palestinians were killed as a result of skirmishes between Israeli police and local residents in Qabatiya.

According to the Israeli military, the people started firing at them. An Israeli soldier was critically injured in Tubas after a separate incident with Palestinian gunmen.


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