Ukraine war: Zelensky confirms that Ukraine is not launching strikes on Russia.

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Chancellor Scholz (right) pledged to support President Zelensky (left) and Ukraine “for as long as it is necessary”

President Volodymyr Zelensky stated in Germany, where Kyiv obtained a significant new defense aid package, that Ukraine has no plans to attack Russia.

After speaking with Berlin’s chancellor Olaf Scholz, Zelensky declares that Ukraine has no plans of launching any attacks against Russian soil. He stresses that the nation is getting ready for a tactical response to retake the illegally taken territory. Chancellor Scholz promises Ukraine unwavering backing and makes a large weaponry pledge of €2.7 billion (£2.4 billion).

Modern German Leopard tanks and other anti-aircraft systems are part of the support package, which aims to strengthen Ukraine’s defenses against frequent Russian missile and drone assaults that cause deaths. This allocation, according to President Zelensky, is the biggest since the start of Russia’s extended offensive in February 2022.

In a BBC report from Berlin, by Jenny Hill, she underlines a major change in Germany’s attitude toward Ukraine throughout the conflict. Germany, which was previously reticent to offer military assistance, has suddenly significantly upped its contribution almost overnight.

Russia claims that Ukraine regularly carries out strikes on Russian targets, such as an alleged drone strike earlier this month on the Kremlin in Moscow. While reiterating its legal power to use the necessary force and measures to fully recapture the regions now under Russian control, Ukraine vehemently refutes these allegations. These include the Crimean Peninsula, which Moscow annexed in 2014, as well as four regions in Ukraine’s southern and eastern regions.

Later on Sunday, President Zelensky will travel to Aachen in western Germany to receive the coveted Charlemagne Prize, which is given in recognition of contributions to promoting European unification. Bill Clinton, Pope Francis, and Winston Churchill are some of the previous recipients.

However, Sunday’s developments in the modified form are as follows:

Russia launched three cruise missiles and 25 drones in a significant midnight raid, according to the Ukrainian air force.
Russian shelling in regions under Ukrainian control has resulted in six fatalities and 16 injuries, according to local authorities in the eastern Donetsk region.
On Sunday, a Russian artillery bombardment on the southern Kherson region resulted in the death of one person.
Due to increased shelling by Ukrainian soldiers, officials nominated by Moscow announced a temporary suspension of mobile internet services in the Russian-occupied areas of the eastern Luhansk region.
Two German Air Force fighter jets went with President Zelensky overnight as he made his way from Italy to Germany.

The Ukrainian president spoke with Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni and Italian President Sergio President Mattarella when he was in Rome. Additionally, he met privately with Pope Francis at the Vatican.
Pope Francis conveyed his unceasing supplications for peace in Ukraine and stressed the pressing need to assist those who are most in need and have been unwittingly made the victims of the Russian invasion.
Additionally, Prime Minister Meloni gave President Zelensky reassurance that Rome would back a united Ukraine.

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