The border with Egypt saw the deaths of three Israeli soldiers

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Israeli military and drug traffickers have previously engaged in combat close to the Egyptian border. Image source: GETTY IMAGES.

During gunfire exchanges on the Israeli side of the border, an Egyptian security officer killed three Israeli soldiers.

Both the armed forces of Egypt and Israel have announced that they are conducting a joint investigation into an unusual incident that occurred along their shared border.

Egypt has stated that one of its officers inadvertently crossed into Israeli territory while pursuing drug traffickers.

The Israeli military has indicated that the shootings are believed to be linked to a drug smuggling operation that they had successfully prevented earlier in the night.

According to the Israeli army, two soldiers, a man and a woman, who were stationed in a remote location along the border, were shot and killed early on Saturday morning.

The bodies of the soldiers were discovered after a senior officer was unable to establish communication with them via radio.

The alleged attacker was reportedly surrounded after a protracted search operation, according to the Israeli military, which resulted in a gunfight between Israeli authorities and the suspect.

Along with the gunman, who was later identified as an Egyptian policeman, a third Israeli soldier was also killed during the confrontation. In addition, another Israeli soldier was hurt.

The language of the Egyptian military’s statement was a little confusing. It was mentioned that an Israeli soldier was killed in a shooting incident as an off-duty security officer was pursuing narcotics traffickers.

The Egyptian military also sent “sincere condolences” to the relatives of the deceased, emphasizing the seriousness of the situation, in addition to their statement regarding the tragedy.

The Israeli military has revealed that during the operation against the smugglers overnight, its forces confiscated contraband with an estimated worth of about $400,000.

This seizure serves as a reminder of the operation’s importance and its goal of stopping illegal smuggling in the region.

According to reports, the attacks occurred close to the Mount Harif military base in the Negev desert. Image source: GETTY IMAGES

The Israeli military has reported that ongoing searches are being conducted in the area to locate any additional individuals who may have been involved in the incident.

The manner in which the Egyptian policeman managed to enter Israel from Egypt remains unclear at this time.

According to Israeli media, the attacks occurred in the region between Mount Harif and Mount Sagi, situated in the Negev Desert.

This area is approximately halfway between the Mediterranean coast and the Egyptian resort of Eilat, which lies along the Red Sea.

Israeli military spokesman Richard Hecht emphasized that cooperation with the Egyptians is currently ongoing and deemed to be positive.

He further stated that the incident is not considered a geopolitical matter, suggesting that the focus is primarily on the specific circumstances surrounding the incident rather than broader political implications.

Since Egypt and Israel signed their peace accord in 1979, this incident appears to be among the most serious border-related ones.

Although the two nations’ relationship has been referred to as a “cold peace” in recent years, they have worked closely together on military and intelligence issues, with a focus on counterterrorism initiatives.

The Egyptian army has received assistance from the Israeli air force in its fight against Islamic State operatives in the northern Sinai Peninsula.

It’s important to note that the most prominent infiltration attempt in recent years took place in 2012, underscoring the area’s relative stability throughout this time.

The border between Egypt and Israel is about 255 km (160 miles) long, making it difficult to effectively patrol and monitor it; in recent years, there have been numerous instances of gunfire exchanges between smugglers and Israeli soldiers; the Egyptian army has also engaged in shooting incidents targeting drug smugglers and jihadists, which on occasion have resulted in casualties.

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