Sani Jaji as a visionary politician - Akintunde Alabi

Sani Jaji is a visionary politician – Akintunde Alabi

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Sani Jaji is a visionary politician - Akintunde Alabi

Akintunde Bello Alabi, a political analyst

Akintunde Alabi, a highly respected political analyst, recently shared his insightful perspective on Nigeria’s democracy where he described Sani Jaji as a visionary politician. According to Alabi, for Nigeria’s democracy to truly flourish, the country must establish strategic tiers of government.

This approach would not only ensure a more efficient and effective governance system but also promote greater accountability and transparency across all levels of government.

Alabi’s astute observation highlights the crucial role that a well-structured government plays in the success of a democratic society and underscores the need for Nigeria to prioritize this aspect of its political landscape.

On the occasion of Nigeria’s Democracy Day, Alabi expressed his admiration for the political landscape of the country. He took a moment to appreciate the recent announcement of Hon. Sani Jaji’s candidacy for the Speakership position of the House of Representatives, which he believes is a positive step towards strengthening the democratic process in Nigeria.

Sani Jaji’s speakership

Regarding Sani Jaji’s speakership, Alabi described Jaji as a visionary politician and a potential speaker of the people. Alabi emphasized the importance of utilizing the best individuals to manage Nigeria’s strategic tiers of government. He also noted that Jaji’s humanitarian traits have attracted numerous skill acquisition programs to benefit his constituents.

Alabi further highlighted Sani Jaji’s intervention as Committee Chairman on Intelligence and Internal Security, which led to a harmonious relationship among security agencies, effectively securing lives and properties across the country.

“As the 10th Assembly is set to be inaugurated and the ruling party has zoned the speakership to the North Western part of the country, no one is more capable than the man who has dedicated his life to serving his people and is always ready to serve humanity. Sani Jaji is a loyal party member who can be relied upon by the incoming president to drive the vision and agenda of the ruling party. His support from his constituents further reinforces his position,” Alabi added.

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