Lee Ryan appears in court

Lee Ryan appears in court

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Lee Ryan appears in court

Lee Ryan appears in court . Image source: The Mirror UK

Lee Ryan appears in court as Blue star appeals police officer assault conviction. Lee Ryan, 39, attempts to overturn his plea for assaulting a police officer and screaming racially abusive comments at a Black flight attendant.

On January 12, Ealing Magistrates’ Court found him guilty of being intoxicated on a plane, biting a police officer, and using abusive words towards a black flight attendant.

On July 31, last year, he appeared intoxicated after consuming an entire bottle of port before a British Airways trip from Glasgow to London City Airport, slurring his words and staggering around.

The court heard that the Blue star told the Black cabin staff member, “I want your chocolate children” and asked her to kiss him during the trial.

In court, Ryan declared, “I’m not a racist” and claimed it was “drunk banter” with no malicious intent.

On Tuesday, the All Rise singer entered Westminster Magistrates Court wearing a black suit, a white shirt, and dark sunglasses.

Ryan is currently awaiting punishment, but it’s likely that he will attempt to change his plea regarding the police officer during the court proceedings.

Court staff previously announced that Ryan’s defense team filed a motion to vacate his guilty plea for assault on an emergency responder, resulting in a postponement of his sentence, which was originally scheduled for the end of February.

The musician was detained in August 2022 and later issued a statement about the event, addressing his struggles with alcohol and acknowledging that his actions have caused problems for himself and those around him.

Lee Ryan apologized

“I want to apologize to everyone I have upset or offended,” he wrote, acknowledging his inappropriate behavior on the flight to London.

“I’d like to apologize to the airline staff, everyone on the flight, my bandmates, my family, and our fans,” Lee concluded.

“I am reducing my schedule for the time being to seek professional help and spend time with my family. I hope that by working on my mental health, I can become a better person.”

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