Man proposes to his fiance with pizza

Man proposes to his fiance with pizza

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Man proposes to his fiance with pizza


Man proposes to his fiance with pizza. A proposal is a personal occasion. Some propose in front of the Eiffel Tower in Paris, while others opt for an intimate proposal at home, getting down on one knee for their beloved. This British man did things differently. He used pizza to propose to his girlfriend.

Walter Marano planned it all. The barber, who is 27 years old, planned to propose to his girlfriend in Italy. Unfortunately, the corona crisis disrupted his plan and he had to cancel his trip. He quickly came up with a plan B. He said, “Let’s go to an Italian restaurant since we can’t go to Italy.”

Marano took his girlfriend Sophia Florio (24) to London for a weekend getaway. They had been dating for five years. He arranged a dinner at Circolo Popolare, an Italian restaurant. Florio received two heart-shaped pizzas before ordering. Atop the message was written, “Marry me?” Marano stood up, got down on one knee, and pulled the engagement ring from his pocket. The receptionist, who is 24 years old, said “yes” to his unique proposal.

Florio tells Metro that the proposal was perfect because he loves pizza. She didn’t know Marano would propose that night. I was completely surprised. I didn’t expect him to do this. She eagerly anticipates spending her life with Marano. View the proposal by clicking here.

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