Trinity guy says the minor's parent approved

Trinity guy says the minor’s parent approved

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Trinity guy says the minor's parent approved

Abdullahi Adisa, aka Trinity guy

Trinity guy says the minor’s parent approved. Abdullahi Adisa, also known as Trinity Guy, the embattled skit creator, addressed on Friday why he included a minor in one of his sketches.

Trinity, who accepted the Oyo State Police Command’s invitation on Friday, said that he had an agreement with the minor’s parent before filming the act.

According to the PUNCH, the police invited the skit creator in connection with a prank video involving a juvenile.

“In connection with the disturbing viral skit content circulating on social media about a female minor, popular content creator Abdullahi Maruf Adisa, AKA Trinity, has been contacted and invited to the Oyo State Police Command.” “Updates will be provided soon,” the command stated in a tweet on Thursday.

Adisa had piqued the interest of Nigerian Police spokesman Olumuyiwa Adejobi, who had ordered his arrest following a recent hoax film in which he startled pedestrians with ‘gunshots.’

However, the Oyo police command clarified on its Twitter page on Friday that the skit maker claimed he obtained permission from the minor’s parent.

“Creative content creator and skit maker, Abdullahi Maruf Adisa ‘aka’ Trinity reported at the premises of the Oyo State Police Command today Friday 23/06/2023 at about 1000hrs in the company of his legal counsel to honour an invitation extended to him by the Command,” according to the tweets.Recall that the Oyo State Police Command gave a formal invitation to Trinity, age ’31yrs’, yesterday, Thursday 22/06/2023, in connection with an obscene viral video in which a female juvenile was sexualized in a deplorable discussion devoid of ethical and moral standards.

“Preliminary investigations revealed that the obscene video, which was a clear violation of Sections 32,35, and 36 of the Child Rights Act of 2023, depicted explicit sexual exploitation of the minor who was forced to provide disturbing descriptive details of a Male genital.”

“In addition, the Skit Maker revealed shocking details about the minor’s parents’ involvement in the production before, during, and after the interview.”

“He emphasized that the consent of both parents was obtained before uploading the skit to the internet.”

“As a result of the foregoing, Isiaka Ahmed’m’ 40yrs’ and his wife Rofiat ’29yrs’, both biological parents of the minor, are currently being questioned by the SCID’s Gender/Juvenile Related Offences Desk alongside Trinity.”


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