US lady claims Davido impregnated her says she's a fornicator

US lady claims Davido impregnated her says she’s a fornicator

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US lady claims Davido impregnated her says she's a fornicator

Anita Brown and Davido

US lady claims Davido impregnated her says she’s a fornicator. Singer Davido is embroiled in yet another baby-mama scandal, as Anita Brown, a US-based lady, has accused him of impregnating her and requesting her to get rid of the child. She also shared screenshots of alleged talks with him to back up her claims.

US-based lady also denied knowing he was married and claimed she was asked to lie about her account being hacked when she first broke the news.

Davido, who is married to Chioma Rowland, has several children from previous relationships.

Miss Brown revealed in a video that she took a pregnancy test that came back positive and that Davido’s cousin, Clarks Adeleke, was asking her what she wanted to do with the pregnancy.

“What really kills me is this married man narrative you’re all dragging,” she says. I had no idea he was married, thank God. Go to his page; does he appear to be married? I’m perplexed. Rest in peace, child; everyone knew about the baby, but no one knew he married. I’m in US, and no one here knew.

It’s not on the blogs, it’s not a big deal; if a man doesn’t tell me, then I don’t know, and I wasn’t looking for it because I’m not looking to get married, I’m not looking for that right now, so that wasn’t something I was looking for, I wasn’t digging up anything like that, so no, I didn’t know. I found out after the fact, and then I found out after the fact that I’m pregnant, so y’all should stop, maybe I’m a fornicator but never an adulterer, calm down.”

Nigerians respond

Netizens were shocked and disappointed by the news, questioning how the Afrobeat musician could be involved in such an extramarital affair while still grieving the loss of his baby with Chioma.

That female took advantage of Davido, according to @AfamDeluxo. She was aware that the man was in mourning and needed a shoulder to cry on, but she chose to offer ***. A bereaved man lacks the mental fortitude to say no.

@Lollypeezle wrote: I sincerely feel for Davido, and my thoughts and prayers are with him. These women only want to destabilize his marriage. Won o ni gba, even if he tries to be celibate. He takes a left, ladies. He takes a right, ladies. The stress is unbearable. Ariwo ba ta, ariwo ba ta. I pray to God to give him strength.

@themolabello commented: It’s shameful how all these girls are securing their bags and don’t worry about the consequences. But that’s the gain when he’s emotionally looting people, and what does he expect? A man having unprotected intercourse does not appear to me to be a call girl; picture having many people take out babies for you, just because not everyone uses drama. I know you don’t think ladies with standards exist anymore, but I’m simply saying they do, they just don’t keep up with the nuisance.


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