Group seeks Nigerian support

Group seeks Nigerian support

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Group seeks Nigerian support

Nigerian Army

Group seeks Nigerian support. The National Security Assessment Group has urged Nigerians to help the military defend the country.

The group that showed trust in the Chief of Defence Staff, Major General Christopher Musa, stated that with citizen backing, the military would achieve greater success in many theaters of operations.

This was said in a statement issued by the group’s President, Abiodun Idowu, on Thursday.

“We urge Nigerians to continue to support the Armed Forces of Nigeria, led by the indomitable Chief of Defence Staff, Maj-Gen. C. G. Musa,” it says. During his military career, he had a track record of accomplishment and positive connections with troops. Much may be accomplished with the help of the community. With the excellent human relationship the Chief of Defence Staff has always had with troops in his line of duty, it will get better in terms of welfare for AFN personnel.

He also praised the Nigerian Armed Forces for continuing to look after eligible military retirees and Next of Kin of deceased military personnel.

According to NASG, one of the most driving things that would urge our troops to go all out against the country’s enemies is welfare.

“We are grateful that the welfare of eligible military retirees/next of kin is now prioritized.” It is a huge comfort for those who have been touched, especially during this economic downturn.

“Most importantly, this boosts morale for our troops serving in various military operations across the country.” They know that the country is behind them as they battle for peace and stability in the country. “Their sacrifices will not be in vain,” the statement concluded.


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