Tinubu, others join Zuckerberg’s Threads

Tinubu, others join Zuckerberg’s Threads

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Tinubu, others join Zuckerberg’s Threads


Tinubu, others join Zuckerberg’s Threads. Bola Tinubu, Nigeria’s president, and Yemi Osinbajo, former vice president, have joined 30 million others on Meta’s (owner of Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp) new platform, Threads.

This comes as Meta’s CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, announced that the company’s goal of one billion users will be reached soon. According to Zuckerberg, Threads, which started on Thursday in over 100 countries, now has 30 million users.

He said that the app had two million sign-ups in the first two hours and five million in the first four hours.

According to Zuckerberg, the app had received 10 million sign-ups in seven hours. On the app, he revealed this. He typed about 4 p.m. Nigerian time, “Wow, 30 million sign-ups as of this morning.” It seems like the start of something spectacular, but we have a lot of work ahead of us to finish the app.”

According to statistics, Google+ took 16 days to reach 10 million users, ChatGPT 40 days, Clubhouse 347 days, Instagram 355 days, Twitter 780 days, and Facebook 852 days.

Threads is debuting in response to criticisms about Elon Musk’s Twitter, which has received a lot of flak since the billionaire bought it. The app recently announced a view restriction for tweets.

When asked if Threads would surpass Twitter in popularity, Zuckerberg responded, “It’ll take some time, but I think there should be a public conservations app with 1 billion+ people on it.” Twitter has had the opportunity to do so, but has failed to do so. We can only hope.”

Threads may become profitable after it reaches one billion users, according to a report by The PUNCH.

According to the story, Zuckerberg stated, “Our approach will be the same as all of our other products: make the product work well first, then see if we can get it to a clear path to one billion people, and only then think about monetisation at that point.”

Twitter currently has about 450 million users. Many public figures and celebrities, including Jennifer Lopez, and Shakira, as well as media outlets including The Washington Post and The Economist, have joined the app.

Threads is yet to be released in Europe because of concerns over data privacy. Meta has come under strong criticism in Europe, for its handling of personal data, and it could take a while before it launches in the region.


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