Crisis in Plateau

Crisis in plateau

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Crisis in Plateau

Map Of Plateau

Crisis in plateau. According to the Gideon and Funmi Para-Mallam Peace Foundation, at least 346 people have been killed in eight Local Government Areas in Plateau State in the last three months.

This was noted in the organization’s report, which was released on Thursday.

According to the organization, approximately 200 lives have been lost to ongoing violent attacks in Mangu LGA alone as of Saturday, July 8, 2023.

The Founder and Executive Director of the Foundation, Rev. Dr. Gideon Para-Mallam who gave the figure in the report obtained by journalists in Abuja said that in the killings which took place between April 17- July 10, 2023, there were currently about 18,751 Internally Displaced Persons in 14 camps in Plateau State.

According to Para-Mallam, a peace activist, 17 persons were slain in Bokkos, including Mangu 234; Barkin Ladi 39; Riyom 36; Jos North 5; Jos North 9; Mikang 5; and Bassa 01.

He stated that the Church of Christ hosts 14 IDP camps in the Nation’s Local Church Councils, and that a breakdown of the IDPs shows: 2,081 widows and 6,066 orphans between the ages of 0 and 5 years old.

The activist went on to say that there are 1,057 elderly people, while there are 828 teenagers and adult orphans.

He stated that these lethal attacks are currently affecting 6,603 households.

While emphasizing that the current harvest of deaths in Mangu LGA must be dealt with the utmost urgency, Para-Mallam stated that the Federal Government’s reluctance to tame the killings meant turning a blind eye while the current inhumanity continued.

“Take it or leave it, a foundation for full-fledged nationwide terrorism is being laid,” he warned. No country should localize and permit terrorist activities against its citizens. Whatever the purpose for these attacks on the Plateau, the fact is that hundreds of people are being slaughtered.

“The burden of these killings should not fall solely on the shoulders of Plateau State’s new Governor, Caleb Muftwang.” The weight should not fall only on the shoulders of Bola Ahmed Tinubu, President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. In fact, the burden rests on the shoulders of all Nigerians. The MDAs have a role to play in the search for peace and so also Miyetti Allah in seeking an end to the killings and finding ways to save lives and property.

“There is wisdom in collective action devoid of finger-pointing or political calculations. The lives of all the citizens of Mangu LGA residents matter.

“What is going on in Plateau State has an effect on Nigeria.” Furthermore, what is happening in Nigeria has worldwide implications in the medium and long term. It is past time to take action and stop localizing the Plateau’s killing grounds. The moment has come to put an end to the violence in Plateau State and Nigeria.”

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