Lagos slashes fare into equal halves

Lagos slashes fare into equal halves

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Lagos slashes fare into equal halves

Lagos state

Lagos slashes fare into equal halves. To mitigate the effects of the elimination of fuel subsidies, the Lagos State Government has reduced the transportation expenses of all state-owned transportation networks by 50%.

The administration also promised to deliver meals to the state’s most disadvantaged residents.


Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu stated at a news conference on Monday at the Lagos House in Ikeja that the state government is trying to implement these palliatives to alleviate the pain caused by the elimination of subsidies.


According to the governor, the government’s 50% reduction in transportation charges will take effect on Wednesday, August 2, 2023.

He added that modalities have also been put in place by the informal transportation sector, especially the yellow buses, to slash their charges by 25 per cent.

“We’ve had extensive discussions with all of the stakeholders in our transportation system, both formal and informal modes of transportation, and we’ve reached an agreement that the state government will support.”

“Starting Wednesday, all public transportations controlled by LAMATA, all high capacity buses, will be plying all Lagos routes at 50% discount, and all commuters who will be plying these routes will begin enjoying a 50% rebate on the transport fares that are currently being charged on all of these routes,” the governor said.

“For the informal buses, they are also going to make a pronouncement today, and I can tell you that we have agreed with them that they will do about a 25% reduction on their buses — all of the yellow buses that we have on the streets,” he continued.

Sanwo-Olu also stated that more staff buses had been purchased for state government servants to make commuting to and from work simpler.

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