Leke Adeboye gifts people fuel and food

Leke Adeboye gifts people fuel and food

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Leke Adeboye gifts people fuel and food

Leke Adeboye

Leke Adeboye gifts people fuel and food. Leke Adeboye, the Lead Pastor of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, LSC, The Bridge, Ikeja, Lagos, fuelled the cars of church members on Sunday.According to a statement issued on Tuesday, the move was made to aid worshippers since the price of Premium Motor Spirit increased.

“It was an unusual church service on Sunday for many members of the LSC The Bridge: one of the RCCG’s vibrant youth churches led by Pastor Leke Adeboye,” the statement said.

“With the fuel price hike and cost of living crisis hitting hard on many Nigerians, Pastor Leke and the head of Christian Social Responsibility for the RCCG Youth Province 1, Lagos State, came up with a brilliant initiative to support church members.

“Over 1,000 litres of fuel were contributed to support anyone who came to church on Sunday with their vehicle.”

The move was also described as a way of empowering young people and taxi drivers who used their cars for businesses and relied on them for their daily upkeep and expenses.

The pastor instructed members who drove to church in their cars to a designated filling station after fueling the souls of everyone who attended church service with God’s word.

“They all drove their cars with their tanks full of gasoline or diesel.” In addition, nearly 500 people had their bodies fueled with nutritious meals.

“It was an essential Christian social responsibility move needed at this time,” the statement continued.

Following the event, the pastor issued a brief charge to the audience, saying, “You cannot use God’s fuel to do illegal things, use the fuel wisely.”

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