FG to rebrand fire service, create employment opportunities

FG to rebrand fire service, create employment opportunities

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By Akinsuroju Olubunmi

FG to rebrand fire service, create employment opportunities

FG to rebrand fire service, create employment opportunities

Federal Government Unveils Ambitious Plans to Revamp Fire Service, Paving the Way for Job Creation

In a forward-looking initiative, the Federal Government of Nigeria has announced its intentions to initiate a comprehensive rebranding of the Federal Fire Service. This transformative endeavor is poised to encompass a change in nomenclature, marking a significant shift in the service’s scope and responsibilities.

During the ceremonial inauguration of 15 state-of-the-art firefighting trucks and rapid response vehicles in Abuja, Minister of Interior, Olubunmi Tunji-Ojo, unveiled the ambitious vision for the service. The revamped entity, to be known as the Federal Fire and Rescue Service, will not only engage in firefighting but also take on vital rescue-related duties.

The minister emphasized the paramount importance of safeguarding the wellbeing of workers and the integrity of their vehicles. He underscored the need to construct a comprehensive and actionable national framework for fire prevention and rescue operations. This framework will encompass the identification and assessment of potential fire and rescue risks, implementation of preventive measures, and prompt response to incidents.

Highlighting the potential for job creation, Minister Tunji-Ojo drew attention to the significant workforce employed in the fire services of foreign nations. He pointed out that in New York City alone, a staggering 17,370 individuals are engaged in firefighting, emergency medical services, and civilian roles. He emphasized that Nigeria, as one of the world’s major economies, must not neglect the imperative of a robust fire service.

Controller General of the service, Jaji Abdulganiyu, shared promising statistics from the initial two quarters of the year. The service responded to 1,096 distress calls, effecting the rescue of 111 lives and preserving properties valued at over N300 billion. He expressed optimism that these figures would further improve with the introduction of the cutting-edge firefighting trucks and Ford Rapid Response Vehicles.

This transformative initiative marks a pivotal moment in Nigeria’s history, promising not only enhanced safety measures but also the potential for substantial job creation through the revitalized Federal Fire and Rescue Service.


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