Ogun state Police and fireworks

Ogun state Police and fireworks

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Ogun state Police and fireworks

Ogun State

Ogun state Police and fireworks. On Monday, the Ogun State Police Command issued a warning against the use of fireworks, stating that any citizen discovered doing so would face serious punishment.

According to a statement published by the police’s spokeswoman, SP Omolola Odutola, the warning became necessary after many complaints from citizens of the state.


The police explained further that residents of the state particularly from Sagamu, Ikenne, Ijebu Ode, Sango Ota, among others, said that the deafening sound of fireworks which is like that of a gun threatens their peace, triggering anxiety amid security concerns.


Although the authorities are aware that the usage of fireworks is strongly rooted in tradition as a necessary preparation for the end-of-year celebrations, the statement stated that communities must halt this custom.

The statement partly read, “Ogun State Police Command is inundated with report indices coming from residents since November 1, 2023, especially in Sagamu, Ijebu Ode, Ikenne and Sango Ota, over the indiscriminate use of dangerous fireworks popularly that the deafening sound of it threatens the state of peace of mind, triggering anxiety of residents especially amid security concerns expressed by residents in Ogun State.

“Following these reports of apprehension before the Ogun State Police Command, the Commissioner of Police, CP Alamutu Abiodun, has declared a ban on the indiscriminate use of explosive fireworks in Ogun State, upholding the distressing complaints from residents and the community about their inability to distinguish between gunshots and genuine fireworks, that residents have been throwing causing sleepless nights, constant terror from the deafening bang of these d

“The Ogun State Police Command is aware that fireworks displays are deeply ingrained in tradition as an essential part of the end-of-year celebrations.”

“Residents are reminded to respect their neighbors’ privacy and quiet.” In light of the current state of security, the Commissioner of Police, CP Alamutu Abiodun, is issuing a stern warning to young people who may wish to disregard this directive that they do so at their own risk, and also warns that ‘banga’ is criminalized, with punitive sanctions accompanying deliberate violations in accordance with existing laws.”

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