12 million naira contract signed in Gombe over erosion

12 million naira contract signed in Gombe over erosion

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12 million naira contract signed in Gombe over erosion

Gombe state governor

12 million naira contract signed in Gombe over erosion. Gombe State Governor Muhammadu Yahaya signed a N12 billion contract for the reclamation of a 21-kilometer railway line gully erosion under the World Bank’s Agro-Climate Resilience in Semi-Arid Landscapes project on Wednesday.

Yahaya stated during the signing that the gully erosion runs through London-Maidorowa, Mallam-Inna Wuro-Ladde, Wuro-Kesa, Arawa, and Kagarawal, and that it demonstrates his administration’s unwavering commitment to environmental preservation and protecting people’s livelihoods.

According to him, the state is known as the Northeast’s erosion capital, harming agricultural lands, displacing communities, and jeopardizing the environment’s future.

Yahaya said, “It is estimated that over 400,000 people live along the gully corridors in Gombe State, living in constant fear for their lives and property. Around 85% of those people are poor, and hence lack the resources and resilience to endure or mitigate such a terrible environmental threat.

“On assumption of office in 2019, our administration made it clear that a sustainable and resilient environment is crucial to the sustainable livelihood and prosperity of the people.

“I am confident that with the help of the ACRESAL project, just like its predecessor project (NEWMAP), we are continuing on a journey to reclaim our environmental landscapes, protect our communities, and secure a prosperous future for generations yet unborn. This initiative is consistent with our overall goal for Gombe State, as outlined in our 10-year Development Plan The Development Agenda for Gombe State, which aims to create a state that thrives economically while also being environmentally safe and sustainable.

“Our people can now heave a big sigh of relief as we sign this contract today, which is worth N12,057,248,267.00, one of the biggest capital projects in the history of Gombe State.”

While stating his administration’s resolve to reclaim lands since 2019, said the project represents a beacon of hope for communities, “especially those grappling with the daunting challenges posed by the monstrous gullies.”

Mohammed Fawu, the state Commissioner for Water, Environment, and Forest Resources, lauded Yahaya’s commitment to environmental restoration, adding that through the ACReSAL project, Gombe State was able to recover approximately 31,000 hectares of degraded lands and plant over 9700 trees in strategic locations throughout the state.

“The state government paid over N500 million counterpart contribution and met all requirements for the project,” he added.




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