Andy Murray Is Appreciated By Nick Kyrgios For His Assistance

Andy Murray Is Appreciated By Nick Kyrgios For His Assistance

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Andy Murray Is Appreciated By Nick Kyrgios For His Assistance

In the Wimbledon final of 2022, Nick Kyrgios [right] lost to Novak Djokovic [left].


Andy Murray is appreciated by Nick Kyrgios for his assistance with his mental health issues.

Andy Murray helped Nick Kyrgios overcome his mental health issues, and Kyrgios is “very thankful” to Murray for it.

The Australian said in June that following his 2019 Wimbledon defeat, he “genuinely contemplated” suicide and spent time in a mental institution.

According to Kyrgios, he covered up signs of self-harm by getting a tattoo of a sleeve on his right arm.

“He [Murray] saw it [the self-harm], and he said, ‘What’s that on your arm?'” Interview with Kyrgios given to Talk TV.

He elaborated on the situation by saying, “It was pretty bad at that stage” on Piers Morgan Uncensored.

Andy was clearly attempting to provide me some guidance on the matter. Unfortunately, I was too stubborn to listen back then.

I am obviously really grateful. Thank him very much.

The Scot informed Kyrgios’ manager John Morris about what he had observed during a practice session when three-time Grand Slam winner Murray queried him about the markings on his arm, according to the Times.

Adding, “Andy was always a big supporter of me,” Kyrgios, 28, made his point.

I was like a bug in his system the moment I stepped foot on the tour; he immediately took me under his wing.

“Then he realized later in my career that I don’t think I was coachable or I was on my own path, but he was always someone that was looking out for me.”

In a detailed Instagram post from February 2022, Kyrgios discussed his mental health issues, stating that he had “suicidal thoughts” and “struggled to get out of bed” in 2019, and referencing a photo from the Australian Open where he had self-harm wounds on his arm.

He concluded the message by expressing his present state of improved well-being.

The Australian, who was beaten by Novak Djokovic in last year’s Wimbledon final, claims that helping others with their mental health issues is the most “powerful thing” he has experienced in his career.

“I’ve almost been a beacon for people who are struggling,” he commented.

“When they’re feeling overwhelmed and considering substance abuse, they confide in me because they find my relatability relevant.

“That’s been the most powerful thing in my career, people coming to me with genuine issues.”

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