"Show Some Love” EP by Ekunrawo

“Show Some Love” EP by Ekunrawo

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"Show Some Love” EP by Ekunrawo

The Multitalented Artist, Ekunrawo

“Show Some Love” EP by Ekunrawo . Ekunrawo, is a multi-talented Nigerian artist based in Russia, commemorating the year of musical excellence with the release of his latest EP, “Show Some Love” (A blend of Afrobeats and Russian Vibes) with the impression of making it among the 2023 best Afro beat Album. This six-track compilation is a testament to Ekunrawo’s artistic prowess, blending Afro beats with elements of Russian culture to create a captivating and innovative sound that resonate around the Nigerian music artists taking a global stage in exporting the African genres globally.

“Show Some Love” is an EP that encapsulates themes of love, hard work, and charisma, with Ekunrawo delivering musical experience that transcends borders and blend of cultures. Ekunrawo’s  artistry shines through his navigation of a diverse range of tracks, each showcasing his versatility prowess and dedication to musical excellence.

The EP is a celebration of Ekunrawo’s growth and his commitment to fostering cultural exchange through music. “Show Some Love” invites listeners on a captivating journey through the artist’s unique fusion of Nigerian and Russian musical blends.

The EP is now available on all major streaming platforms, beckoning fans and music enthusiasts to immerse themselves in Ekunrawo’s innovative sound, tracks. “Show Some love” will play a role in the playlists of Afrobeats fans during the ‘Ember festivities.

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