Pentagon Chief Clarifies Statement on Palestinian Casualties

Pentagon Chief Clarifies Statement on Palestinian Casualties

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Pentagon Chief Clarifies Statement on Palestinian CasualtiesPentagon Chief Clarifies Statement on Palestinian Casualties


In a recent statement before lawmakers, United States Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin made a startling assertion regarding Palestinian casualties, stating that Israel had killed more than 25,000 Palestinian women and children since October. However, the Pentagon later clarified that Austin was referring to the overall toll reported by Gaza’s Hamas-run health ministry.


During a House Armed Services Committee hearing, Austin responded with the figure “It’s over 25,000” when questioned about Palestinian casualties. This statement came amidst escalating tensions following an unprecedented attack by Hamas on Israel on October 7, resulting in significant casualties on both sides.


Hamas’s assault prompted a relentless response from Israel, leading to further casualties. The United States, while maintaining its support for Israel, has also been advocating for a ceasefire and a reduction in civilian casualties in Gaza.


Following Austin’s remarks, Deputy Pentagon Press Secretary Sabrina Singh clarified that the secretary was citing an estimate from the Hamas-controlled health ministry, emphasizing that the Pentagon could not independently verify these figures.


The health ministry in Gaza reported a toll of more than 25,000 killed as of January 21, with over 30,000 people left dead by the nearly five-month conflict in the coastal territory. Despite the clarification, questions remain regarding the accuracy of the reported casualties, particularly concerning the number of women and children affected by the violence.


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