Tinubu urges Qatari investors to report bribery

Tinubu urges Qatari investors to report bribery

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By Akinsuroju Olubunmi

Tinubu urges Qatari investors to report bribery.

Tinubu urges Qatari investors to report bribery

President Bola Tinubu has urged Qatari investors to report any Nigerian official who solicits bribes, assuring them of direct access to him for swift action.

Speaking at the Nigeria-Qatar Business and Investment Forum in Doha, Tinubu emphasized Nigeria’s commitment to eradicating corruption and fostering a conducive environment for investment. He urged investors not to succumb to bribery demands and promised to address any obstacles hindering their business endeavors.

Tinubu assured the international business community of Nigeria’s readiness for serious business, emphasizing ongoing reforms aimed at enhancing the ease of doing business and boosting investor confidence. He pledged to remove bureaucratic bottlenecks and ensure a seamless investment process, urging investors to disregard past perceptions and embrace Nigeria’s evolving investment landscape.

Highlighting Nigeria’s vast economic potential, Tinubu encouraged Qatari investors to explore opportunities across various sectors, including oil and gas, solid minerals, tourism, and healthcare. He assured them of a safe and conducive investment environment, with measures in place to facilitate easy mobility of funds in and out of the country.

Addressing concerns about corruption and insecurity, Tinubu reiterated Nigeria’s commitment to combating graft and enhancing security. He cited the appointment of Nuhu Ribadu as National Security Adviser, underscoring Nigeria’s resolve to strengthen its anti-corruption efforts and ensure a secure investment climate.

Qatar’s Minister of Commerce and Industry, Sheikh Mohammed bin Hamad bin Qassim Al Abdullah Al Thani, expressed eagerness to collaborate with Nigeria, citing the country’s demographic profile and market potential. He highlighted Qatar’s interest in investing in low-carbon initiatives, mineral products, and petroleum chemicals, emphasizing the importance of partnerships in achieving mutual objectives.

The Nigerian delegation, comprising government officials and business leaders, reaffirmed Nigeria’s commitment to fostering bilateral cooperation and leveraging its economic potential. With a focus on enhancing investment promotion and facilitating business growth, both countries expressed optimism about the prospects of their partnership.

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