Diane Keaton revealed that she has not been on a date in 35 years but does have “a lot of male friends.

Diane Keaton recently revealed that she has not been on a date in 35 years and claimed that she “never” receives male attention. Despite starring in various romantic comedies such as Annie Hall and Father of the Bride, the Hollywood icon’s personal life appears to lack romance.

Diane Keaton, who is 77 years old and has never been married, disclosed that she has not been on a date since she was in her early 40s, although she has many male friends. In a recent interview, she was asked if men ever asked her out, to which she replied, “Never. All right? Let’s just get that straight. That one’s important.” She laughed and continued, “I haven’t been on a date in, I would say, 35 years. No dates.”

Diane Keaton revealed to InStyle magazine, “I have a lot of male friends. I have a lot of friends, but no dates. No mwah-mwah.” Despite not receiving much romantic attention in recent years, she has dated several A-list stars in the past. In 1969, she began dating Woody Allen, and they briefly lived together during the production. However, their living arrangement became informal by the time the film, titled “Annie Hall,” was released in 1972.

Diane’s sense of humor was what attracted Woody Allen to her, and she has stated that he is still one of her closest friends. She also had an on-again-off-again relationship with Al Pacino, her co-star in The Godfather, which ended after they finished filming The Godfather Part III.


In a 2004 interview with Barbara Walters, Diane expressed her admiration for her Godfather co-star Al Pacino’s looks, stating, “Al’s face is like whoa. Killer, killer face.” At the time, she was already dating Warren Beatty when they both starred in Reds in 1979. Although their relationship was widely discussed, it ended shortly after filming wrapped, which is believed to be due to production problems such as financial and scheduling issues. Despite this, Diane and Warren remain friends. Diane made the decision to adopt two children at the age of 50 following the death of her father.

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