NHS Providers anticipates that the May holiday will be significantly more challenging due to the nurses’ strikes.

Previous strikes by nurses from the RCN had an exemption allowing for cover in critical care areas of hospitals. Image: REUTERS Emergency treatment would be affected by a 48-hour nursing strike, which would “present serious risks and challenges,” according to an NHS official. The pay offer for England has been rejected by the Royal College […]

Scientists: Viruses that have existed for millions of years help fight cancer

Million-year-old viruses help fight cancer. image: GETTY IMAGES. According to scientists, the body fights cancer with the aid of remnants of ancient viruses that have spent millions of years hidden inside human DNA. A study conducted by the Francis Crick Institute has revealed that dormant remnants of ancient viruses are activated when cancerous cells undergo […]

The European spacecraft that was invented to explore Jupiter’s icy moons has left the planet earth.

 European Space Agency: Launch mission to explore Jupiter’s ice moons. image: ESA The Juice satellite soared into the sky atop an Ariane-5 rocket, launched from the Kourou spaceport in French Guiana. The atmosphere was filled with joy, relief, and celebratory hugs as scientists, officials, and VIPs watched with anticipation, and were subsequently informed of the […]