The Al-Ras apartment complex in Dubai is on fire; sixteen people died

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The fire broke out near Dubai Creek in one of the city’s oldest districts. image: REUTER

According to local media, a fire at a residential building in Dubai killed sixteen people and injured nine others.

A fire erupted in the historic Al-Ras district of Dubai, known for its high population of migrant workers and traders. Local media reports indicate that the fire originated on the fourth floor of a five-story building.

Dubai Civil Defence attributed the cause of the fire to non-compliance with building security and safety regulations. Firefighters responded to the scene at 12:41 local time (09:41 GMT) on Saturday.

Al-Ras is located in close proximity to Dubai’s renowned gold and spice markets, which are popular tourist destinations.

An investigation into the tragic incident is currently underway, according to Dubai Civil Defence as reported by UAE newspaper The National.

In light of the incident, Dubai Civil Defence emphasized the importance of strict compliance with security and safety requirements and guidelines for both residential and commercial building owners and residents to prevent accidents and safeguard lives.

Reports from local media revealed that among the casualties were four Indian and three Pakistani nationals.

Salinga Gudu, whose brother Gudu Saliyakoondu worked as a watchman from India’s Tamil Nadu state, shared that his brother had lost his life while attempting to rescue residents inside the building.

“I was so scared because that is the building my brother works in. He went up to help and never came back down,” he recounted.

As of now, no arrests have been made as part of the ongoing investigation into the tragic incident. The authorities continue to probe the cause of the fire and the circumstances surrounding the incident.

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