Russian missiles are hitting cities in the Ukraine war

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 Images of a destroyed structure that is allegedly in Uman are making the rounds on social media. Image source: SOCIAL MEDIA

At least five people have died as a result of Russian airstrikes on Ukrainian cities, including the capital Kyiv.

A lady and a three-year-old child perished in the city of Dnipro, according to the local mayor.

According to officials, missile strikes on residential buildings in Uman resulted in the deaths of three persons and serious damage to a nine-story apartment complex.

In the cities of Kremenchuk and Poltava, explosions were reported by the Interfax news agency.

Officials in Kyiv assert that two attack drones and 11 missiles were shot down by the air defense system.

There were no initial reports of civilian injuries, but the chief of the military administration of Kyiv city confirmed that this was the first Russian missile attack on the nation’s capital in 51 days.

Recent strikes apparently took place as Ukrainian forces were preparing for a military offensive with assistance from Western partners, including the delivery of modern tanks.

Since a winter offensive, Russia has been trying unsuccessfully for the past ten months to take control of Bakhmut.

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