11 people are killed by a mystery gas leak in the Indian city of Ludhiana

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The source of the leak is being investigated by emergency personnel. Image source: REUTERS

Following a gas leak in northern India, at least 11 people have died.

Due to a gas leak, several women and children have perished in the port city of Ludhiana in the Indian state of Punjab.

Numerous people complained of having trouble breathing, and some were discovered unconscious in their homes.

Although officials have speculated that the gas may have spread from manholes, the leak’s origin is still unknown. Residents have been evacuated, and the area has been sealed off.

Manhole samples are being gathered in order to identify the source of the gas leak. Four patients are currently being treated in a hospital.

Rajinder Pal Kaur Chhina, a local lawmaker, stated to a news organization that “the event took place close to a milk shop.

People who arrived to purchase milk in the morning passed out outside.

The site is in Ludhiana’s Giaspura neighborhood, close to factories, and a team from the National Disaster Response Force has been sent there.

Given that industrial gas leaks are prevalent in India, the fact that at least 12 people died from a gas leak at a chemical company in Visakhapatnam just three years ago is worrisome.

The Bhopal tragedy of 1984, which resulted in the death of thousands of people due to a chemical leak in a pesticide facility in the heart of Bhopal, is still regarded as the deadliest disaster ever.

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