Soldier kills the politician he was protecting

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On Tuesday, Charles Okello Engola was assassinated. image source: ALAMY

Retired Colonel Charles Okello Engola, a government minister, was shot and killed at his residence on Tuesday morning by a Ugandan national army officer who was guarding him.

It’s unknown whether the soldier and Col Engola had a falling out before the incident.

The soldier, who has yet to be recognized, allegedly shot himself dead after the attack.

Some witnesses claimed to have seen him walking around the neighborhood shooting into the air before committing suicide.

There are also allegations that numerous people were injured, and footage circulating on social media show stunned locals gathered at the area.

Colonel Charles Okello Engola was a top government official in Uganda, having previously served as the deputy minister of defense.

Anita Among, the Speaker of Uganda’s parliament, confirmed his death via a brief remark made while presiding over the morning session.

Among expressed her condolences to Col Engola’s family and friends in her statement, calling his death a tragic loss.

She also stated that it was God’s plan and that nothing could be done to change it.

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