Juventus make a statement Mason Greenwood of Manchester United discusses a move that would reunite the striker with Paul Pogba.

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Mason Greewood (image source: goal.com)

According to The Sun, Juventus are considering giving Manchester United’s Mason Greenwood a chance to resume his professional football career at the highest level. The Italian club is said to have contacted Greenwood’s representatives to discuss the possibility of securing a long-term loan transfer deal for the striker to play in Turin.

Roma and AC Milan, competitors of Juventus in Serie A, are reportedly also considering a move for Mason Greenwood. Nonetheless, Juventus is said to have an advantage in the race for the former England player’s signature due to his ex-teammate Paul Pogba being part of their squad.

Despite the charges against him being dropped in February, Greenwood has not featured for Manchester United in over 15 months after being accused of attempted rape, assault, and coercive and controlling behavior. The club suspended him while conducting an internal investigation.

Mason Greenwood, according to sources close to him, believes he will not play for Manchester United again, despite having a contract with the club until the summer of 2025. While the internal inquiry is still continuing, a promotion to Serie A might be beneficial to all parties concerned.

However, given that Greenwood is unlikely to attract a high transfer fee, a loan agreement may be the most plausible alternative for him to leave the club.

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