Sunday will feature street celebrations, a huge supper, and a concert for the coronation

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On Downing Street, staff members get ready for The Big Lunch event. Image source: REUTERS

Ahead of the Coronation’s star-studded concert, thousands of street parties and lunches are set to take place on Sunday as part of the celebration’s second day of events.

The Royal Family will likely visit a number of local activities on Sunday before taking in Take That and Katy Perry performances at Windsor Castle later in the day.

Following the Coronation ceremony on Saturday, where King Charles and Queen Camilla were crowned, today’s proceedings are more low-key.

However, since 52 protestors were reportedly detained, the police have come under fire for how they handled the demonstrations.

Some members of the public have expressed outrage about this and expressed concerns regarding the use of police force and the right to peaceful protest.

After members of the Republic group were detained on Saturday morning before of a scheduled rally in Trafalgar Square, MPs and activists criticized the police for restricting free expression.

The Republic group favors a democratically chosen head of state in place of the monarchy.

Scotland Yard has defended its conduct, saying that given the particular and historic nature of the event they were policing, their response was proportionate.

The debate concerning the right to peaceful protest and the responsibility of the police in defending these rights has nonetheless been triggered by the arrests.

On Sunday, members of the Royal Family will attend various community events to celebrate the Coronation.

The Duke and Duchess of Edinburgh will be attending a Coronation Big Lunch in Cranleigh, Surrey, while the Princess Royal and her husband Vice Admiral Sir Tim Laurence will join a community street party in Swindon.

The Duke of York’s daughters, Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie, are also expected to attend a big lunch.

In the evening at 8:00 PM BST, the Coronation Concert will be held at Windsor Castle, and it will be broadcast live on BBC One and BBC Radio 2.

The concert will feature performances from popular artists such as Katy Perry and Take That, making it a highly anticipated event for fans of music and the Royal Family alike.

The Coronation Concert will include performances by prominent musicians like Katy Perry, Lionel Richie, Take That, Olly Murs, and Paloma Faith in addition to a world-class orchestra singing a variety of well-known songs.

The Royal Ballet, The Royal Opera House, The Royal Shakespeare Company, The Royal College of Music, and The Royal College of Art will all perform together during the event.

preparations for The Big Lunch event on Downing Street. Image source: REUTERS

Fans of the performers and the Royal Family have already started to form lines outside the venue.

Some participants were fortunate enough to win their tickets via a public vote, including Jess, 24, from Manchester, and Rachel, 21, from Essex.

The Coronation Concert promises to be a memorable celebration of music and culture with such a wide and skilled roster.

When Jess and Rachel arrived at Windsor at 4:30 BST, they were first in line on the Long Walk, demonstrating how committed they were to seeing Olly Murs play at the Coronation Concert.

“We’ve come to see Olly today – he’s our King,” they said in response to BBC Breakfast’s question about their motivation for attending the show.

Over 2,000 people, including 90 international leaders, attended the Coronation ceremony on Saturday at Westminster Abbey to see the King and Queen crowned.

It was a historic occurrence that signaled the start of a fresh chapter in the history of the Royal Family.

Emmanuel Macron, the president of France, and Jill Biden, the first lady of the United States, among other world leaders, were among the attendees at the coronation ceremony on Saturday.

Also present were royalty, heroes, and the family and friends of the newly crowned King Charles and Queen Camilla.

The King received the orb and sceptre, which stand for his regal authority, after taking a pledge to “not be served, but to serve” during the two-hour ceremony.

It was a pivotal time in the King’s life because it signaled the start of his reign.

On Sunday, the Duke of Edinburgh will attend a significant luncheon event. Image source: REUTERS

Helicopters and aircraft, including the Red Arrows, flew above the palace during the flypast as a tribute to the new king and queen.

The general people congregated in front of the royal gates to view the show.

The King and Queen, along with other members of the Royal Family, attended a private reception at Buckingham Palace following the flypast.

On Monday night, the newlyweds will also hold a state dinner for guests of honor.

Since Queen Elizabeth II’s coronation in 1953, the crowning of King Charles and Queen Camilla featured the largest ceremonial military operation.

Approximately 4,000 service members from all over the world marched from Buckingham Palace to Westminster Abbey in the parade.

The BBC reported that the Duke of Sussex, the King’s youngest son, was not present on the palace balcony with the other members of the Royal Family, perhaps because he had not been invited.

While his wife Meghan stayed with their two small children, Prince Harry left their California house alone.

Prince Harry was sat two rows back behind his brother, Prince William, the Prince of Wales, during the wedding at Westminster Abbey.

Since the release of his contentious memoir, “Spare,” in which he revealed tensions and differences with other members of the Royal Family, the Duke of Sussex has not made a public appearance with his family.

He left the abbey after the service and went to the airport to board a trip to the US, where his son Archie was celebrating his fourth birthday.

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