Despite an agreement on a ceasefire between Israel and Gaza militants, the fighting persists

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After the supposed implementation of a truce between Israel and Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) militants in Gaza, the fighting has persisted.

Over 200 air strikes have been carried out by Israel on Gaza. Image source : Reuters

Despite the fact that the Egypt-brokered truce was supposed to start at 22:00 (19:00 GMT), there were reports of exchanges of fire within minutes.

At least 33 Palestinians have been killed in Gaza since Tuesday, as Israel has struck PIJ positions. In response, Palestinian rocket assaults into Israel have killed one Israeli and one Palestinian laborer.

According to a Palestinian source acquainted with the ceasefire talks, Israel and the PIJ agreed to stop the five-day conflict.

The agreement purportedly involved Israel agreeing to stop targeted killings while demanding an end to PIJ rocket strikes on Israeli civilians.

Following Egyptian leaders’ calls for both parties to adhere to the ceasefire deal, the Israeli military said that militants fired rockets over cities and villages in southern Israel just after the truce was set to begin.

In response, the military said it had launched airstrikes on two PIJ rocket launchers in Gaza. Israel’s military attack in Gaza began before dawn on Tuesday, killing three PIJ officials in their houses as well as at least ten civilians, including the men’s family and neighbors.

Map showing the Gaza Strip and southern Israel

In return, PIJ fighters launched a barrage of rockets at southern and central Israel, claiming retribution. According to Israeli claims, Israel carried out additional air attacks throughout Gaza over the period of five days, killing three more PIJ senior figures and targeting the group’s rocket launch locations and command headquarters.

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