Three people are killed in a car attack in Marseille by a Kalashnikov in France

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Police in Marseille are having difficulty keeping drug gang turf conflicts under check. Image source: GETTY IMAGES

Three people lost their life after being shot inside of a car in the city of Marseille in the south of France. This incident is all the more worrying because drug-related violence has increased in Marseille.

Authorities claim that a sad occurrence took place in Marseille when people brandishing Kalashnikovs opened fire on a vehicle transporting five people who had just left a nightclub.

Along with the unnamed attackers, two of the targeted targets succeeded in escaping.

Authorities have discovered a link between this tragedy and the trafficking of illegal drugs.

Surprisingly, according to the AFP news agency, this incident represents the 21st drug-related death in Marseille this year. There is serious alarm over the city’s rising violence.

The most recent incident took place in a Marseille neighborhood. Marseille is the second-largest city in France.

The event occurred shortly after 5:00 a.m. (03:00 GMT), immediately following the exit from a nightclub of five young males in their 20s. Sadly, their car was the target of gunfire.

The incident’s household setting brings to light the startling closeness of such brutality to the lives of common people.

The five shooters were already known to the police, according to investigators, who told the French media.

They lived in a neighborhood where drug-related crimes are frequently committed.

Authorities also pointed out that the finding of a burned-out car close to the scene of the incident is a sign of drug-related violence because criminals routinely use such tactics to destroy evidence.

During an on-site press conference, regional prefect Frederique Camilleri reaffirmed the commitment of the whole police force to find those guilty for these horrible acts and break up the trafficking organizations that support such violence.

The authorities are devoted to carrying out justice and reestablishing safety in the area affected by these crimes.

Regional Prefect Frederique Camilleri provided an update, revealing that law enforcement officials had achieved great strides against the rising drug-related violence.

Over the weekend, they arrested five people on suspicion of possessing firearms in connection with the narcotics trafficking while also successfully seizing a cache of weapons, including three Kalashnikov assault rifles.

Ms. Camilleri and the city’s prosecutor Dominique Laurens both brought up the worrying escalation of territorial disputes over Marseille’s lucrative drug-dealing areas in a prior statement.

They described these disputes as developing into a risky “vendetta.

” The authorities are still committed to reducing violence and protecting the neighborhood from the negative repercussions of drug-related activity.

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