The suspect murderer of Cash App founder Bob Lee pleads not guilty

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The individual behind the helm of a tech startup, who stands accused of taking the life of Bob Lee, the founder of Cash App, has entered a plea of not guilty to the charge of murder. The incident initially sparked concerns over safety in San Francisco.

Mr. Lee, 43, was allegedly stabbed by Nima Momeni, 38, in the early hours of April 4th in the city of California, according to prosecutors.

They allege that Mr. Momeni drove to a secluded area and premeditatedly committed the murder, relying on CCTV footage.

Mr. Momeni was ordered to be detained by the judge prior to the trial.

Paula Canny, his lawyer, countered the prosecution’s strategy, stating that the CCTV footage does not reveal much.

Mr. Lee was captured on CCTV footage walking down a deserted alleyway, appearing to search for assistance on the night of the assault, according to The San Francisco Standard.

According to the outlet, the tech entrepreneur stumbles towards a parked car and lifts up his shirt to reveal his wound. However, before he falls to the ground, the vehicle drives off.

Mr. Lee was discovered by police in the Rincon Hill neighborhood, with two stab wounds to his chest, rendering him unconscious. He later died in the hospital.

DNA evidence that casts doubt on the defence’s self-defence argument was presented by prosecutors, who did not propose a motive.

Court documents reveal that a witness informed the police that Mr. Momeni had interrogated Mr. Lee about his sister on the night prior to the stabbing.

Prosecutors said he questioned Mr. Lee regarding whether his sister was “engaging in drug use or any other inappropriate behavior.” Mr Lee reassured Mr Momeni that nothing inappropriate had happened.

Khazar Elyassnia, sister of Mr. Momeni, and a prominent plastic surgeon in the Bay Area, attended Thursday’s hearing alongside her husband.

Mr. Lee visited Mrs. Elyassnia’s apartment shortly after midnight. CCTV footage reveals that Mr. Lee and Mr. Momeni departed together in Mr. Momeni’s BMW approximately 30 minutes prior to the homicide, with Mr. Momeni already present at the scene.

According to criminal records, Mr. Momeni was caught drink driving in 2004 and charged with a misdemeanour for carrying a switchblade in 2011. However, he managed to get the latter case dismissed after taking a plea deal.

The Wall Street Journal reported that acquaintances described Mr. Momeni as an introvert and public records indicated that his IT consulting business was struggling.

According to the San Francisco Standard, Ms Canny reported that Mr Momeni faced deportation to Iran as he was not a US citizen.

The death of Mr. Lee intensified concerns and censure regarding the surge in crime within the city, until the police disclosed that the perpetrator was already acquainted with him.

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