Tonto Dikeh wont stop contesting for election till she wins

Tonto Dikeh wont stop contesting for election till she wins

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Tonto Dikeh wont stop contesting for election till she wins
Tonto Dikeh, Nollyhood actress

Tonto Dikeh wont stop contesting for election till she wins. Tonto Dikeh, the African Democratic Congress’s deputy governorship candidate in Rivers State in the 2023 election and a prominent Nollywood actress, declared on Saturday that she would not stop running until she achieved her goal.

She stated that her chances of managing the oil-rich state in the future were both high and limited, owing to the nasty nature of politics.

Dikeh made these remarks in an interview with journalists in Abuja during the GOTNI national leadership conference, which was organized by the National Leadership Centre under the subject ‘Leadership for Sustainability.’

“One of the things I learned (while running for office) is resilience and never giving up,” Tonto remarked. I know that in four years, they will forget about me and that’ she will not return’ However, I plan to return every four years. I’ll be back, and I’ll be in their faces. I’ll return to the competition.

“My chances of becoming governor are both high and slim because politics is a dirty business.” It will not be free and fair. (Nyesom) Wike’s candidate did not win in a free and fair election. So I don’t expect politics to be free and fair, but as someone once said, having a lion’s heart necessitates taking the lion’s share.

“I don’t care what they think about my position; I’ll continue to have the lion’s share, whether in my personal life or in politics; I’m here to stay, and they have no choice but to accept it.”

According to her, Nigerian youths require leadership, especially now, when they are all fighting for a better Nigeria and a better life.

“I said something; I said the youths are restless,” Dikeh said. They are young and vibrant, and now is the moment for them to act. They will not be able to accomplish these goals unless they are part of the leadership platform.

“I ran for the job of Deputy Governor of Rivers State under the ADC, and I saw how the elder politicians looked me as, ooh! This female came to joke, but I informed them I didn’t.

“I made it clear to them that I had come to fight.” I may not have won, but the fact that I competed against Wike, Wike’s son, and the other big shots will go down in history.’

The celebrity stated that one of the reasons the elderly look down on the kids is that they lack leadership, while the older generation does not see what they should see in the younger generation.

“They are not entirely incorrect; I witnessed what happened during the #EndSARS saga.” There was no one in charge. I myself did not want to participate in that because, after spending millions of dollars on the GOTNI Leadership Centre and attending programs roughly every three months, I would not go into a fight without a leader or a framework.

“It was lackluster, and these are the things that make the elderly politicians look at us and say, ‘These people aren’t ready.'” “We need to put ourselves in a position of power, and that means more than just contesting; it means actually being power yourself, and I don’t think we’ve gotten there yet,” she said.

According to the CEO of GOTNI Leadership Centre, those in positions of leadership in Nigeria lack the necessary leadership training to function effectively.

He stated that the conference gave managers and executives in commercial and public organizations with the opportunity to build their leadership capacities, establish new networks, and develop the ability to maximize the potential of their existing networks to the benefit of their institutions.

Okorie stated that the conference aims to underline the importance of leadership development for organizational and national leaders through a series of cutting-edge leadership exchanges and thought-provoking panel discussions.

“The truth is that no organization has made progress unless there is long-term leadership capital.” Over the years, Nigeria’s history has been marked by a lack of leadership capital, with many people promoted into positions of leadership lacking the necessary leadership training to make those roles work effectively for them.

“You’ve seen organizations die, and people wonder: Why is this organization, which has such a bright future, dying?” Why did an institution with the most promise suddenly vanish, why did it die? “The results are simply because many of the people who work with the organizations lacked leadership principles and values, as well as models that are required to drive organizations,” she explained.

She stated that GOTNI has continuously organized leadership conferences, emerging leaders conferences, and various programming over the years to educate Nigerians on the critical need for leadership development.

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