Adeleke leaves Eid ground in anger

Adeleke leaves Eid ground in anger

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Adeleke leaves Eid ground in anger

Governor Ademola Adeleke

Adeleke leaves Eid ground in anger. Ademola Adeleke, the governor of Osun State, departed the Osogbo central Eid site in rage on Wednesday morning because of bad seating arrangements that prevented him from performing the two raka’at rites.

Senator Ajibola Basiru, former Senate spokesperson, survived being besieged by hoodlums attempting to violently relocate him from where he was sitting.

The Senator and the state’s foremost religious leader, Chief Tunde Badmus, had arrived at the Eid venue in the Oke-Baale district of the state capital and taken their seats in the first row.

However, some politicians approached him and informed him that he was occupying the Governor’s area, and the senator went to another space on the row, but they demanded that he vacate the row for the Governor and his entourage.

The Senator, on the other hand, insisted on sitting in the first row, which sparked outrage, and several hoodlums began to make a fuss. Meanwhile, the Governor arrived at the Eid ground at the same time but was unable to exit his vehicle to take his position.

Because of the situation, the Governor eventually returned to his car and missed the two raka’at prayer.

The senator was claimed to have departed the ground with Chief Badmus following the prayer ceremonies, thwarting any attempt to detain him.


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