Stakeholders worry over fake Casio calculators

Stakeholders worry over fake Casio calculators

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Stakeholders worry over fake Casio calculators

Casio calculators

Stakeholders worry over fake Casio calculators. Stakeholders worry over fake Casio calculators. Mrs Temilola Adepetun, Managing Director of SKLD Integrated Services Limited, raised worry about the rising number of counterfeit calculators and educational materials in circulation and urged the government to sanitize the system to discourage the activity.

Adepetun bemoaned the importation of counterfeit calculators into the country. Speaking during a presentation to highlight Casio’s efforts to advance education in Nigeria, Adepetun stated that the country has become a dumping ground for counterfeit goods.

She went on to say that during the procedure, fake Casio calculators are brought in. She was curious as to what the government agencies and examination authorities were doing to police the legislation and ensure that pupils may use genuine calculators.

“How many parastatals control the quality of goods brought into or imported into Nigeria?” What are the customs officials doing? What is the role of examination bodies? “Are they using authentic calculators or allowing students to use any calculator?” she inquired.

Adepetun expressed concern that the bogus calculators provide incorrect answers, saying that it is past time for the country to start sanitizing educational resources from the top.

“There is almost no science subject that does not require the use of a calculator,” she says. Mathematics, for example, is a critical topic. You will not be admitted to university if you do not have a credit in it. It’s past time we begin cleaning from top to bottom. A lot of traders bring in a lot of used goods. As a result, the cleansing must begin someplace.

“There are counterfeit calculators on the market; you must be a trustworthy trader if you want to sell the genuine article.” As a result, we wish to reward our dealers so that they can spread the word in many areas where stationery materials are marketed.

“Our goal is to demonstrate the difference between authentic and counterfeit products so that they can go back and educate others in their market or organization.”

Koichi Danjo, Education Specialist, Casio, Japan, revealed that their organization suggested a novel approach of studying mathematics with a scientific calculator, which is not widely used in Nigerian markets.

Danjo stated that the corporation is picking some schools to give trigonometry instruction to all students. He believes that if instructors learn how to use scientific calculators in their classes, the quality of education would improve tremendously and their performance will improve.

He went on to say that last year, his organization conducted a pilot research in six Lagos schools and discovered that pupils who used scientific calculators in the same subject performed significantly better than non-users.

“As a result, we had to replicate this result in other schools across the country,” he explained.

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